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In our office, we use a variety of tools to evaluate each individual. Everyone receives a general overall health assessment based upon Patient Intake Forms, Personal Health History, Family History, Specific Concerns and Doctor recommendations. In addition to the previous, which everyone receives, some recommendations may or may not include:

  • Blood Analysis for Nutritional Evaluation
    (Referred to outside lab for Blood Draws)
  • Urinalysis
  • Saliva Tests
  • Stool Tests
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI)
  • X-Rays
  • MRI/CT Scan
  • ...more


  • All Labs are referred out for draw at an outside lab facility. When the results are received (usually within 3-5 business days) we will call you wto schedule an appointment to review those results.
  • A copy of your Blood Workup will be mailed or faxed to your primary care provider (MD/DO) for his/her medical evaluation. The results will be sent to the doctor(s) you have specified in our office paper work.


We recommend a variety of different supplements in our office. An estimated 99% of all recommendations in our office are WHOLE FOOD supplements.

We desire to offer supplemntation as God himself intended. Yes, we do click here to continue...

About Saliva Testing

Saliva testing has many advantages over blood testing. Saliva specimen collection does not require a blood draw and there are no risks to patients. Saliva collections are convenient and can be done at work or at home. When stored properly, saliva samples are stable for several weeks.

With an accuracy of 92-96%, saliva testing is more accurate than blood testing. The ability to collect more than one specimen is another advantage of saliva testing because this can give providers more information than a single collection. Compared to blood testing, saliva testing is also more affordable.

The method of testing saliva that Diagnos-Techs, Inc. uses is called ELISA testing. For more in-depth information about this kind of testing please see Why Saliva?/Saliva Testing at a Glance.

There are several different ways of measuring the hormones in a person’s body. Most blood and serum tests look only at the level of hormones that are present in a person’s tissues. This is known as “bound hormone levels”.

Saliva testing looks at the “unbound hormone levels” also known as “free fraction hormone levels” which are the hormone levels that are available to be used by the body’s tissues. This gives providers a better click here to continue...

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Exam

One of the first exams that we will do, after the intial physical exam & consultation, is a HEART RATE VARIABILITY TEST (HRV). This will be performed to get an overall assessment of your general health. With the HRV we can get a snapshot of the condition of your autonomic nervous system to see if your body is up and down regulating in a healthy manner. We can also evlauate if your autonomic nervous system is “Blocked(Body doesn't know whether to up regulate or down regulate! Bad!) or “Switched(confused). If either of these are the case, you have difficulty in getting, or remaining, healthy. That is why it is important for us to evaluate you and make recomendations to correct the problem. Click here to continue...